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How Tesla’s Electric Semi is Affecting the Industry

You know Tesla as the sleek electric cars you see zipping around on the freeways. You know they’re state of the art, all-electric, and sometimes have doors that open upwards - falcon-wing doors. What you probably don’t think of when you think of Tesla is electric semi trucks. But Tesla has indeed rolled out all-electric semi-trucks. Maybe it shouldn’t seem surprising, what with their innovative products like desktop superchargers, plans for underground tunnels, and of course, their cars. Walm...
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Construction Equipment Leasing 101: The Benefits

Bulldozers. Dumpers. Concrete pumps. Forklifts, excavators, backhoes, loaders,  jackhammers. This is just a short list of things business owners in the construction field may need. All that equipment can get expensive... And if you own your own business, there’s a lot of factors for you to consider when it comes to getting the equipment that you need. Is construction equipment leasing right for you? What are the benefits of a heavy equipment lease? Maybe you need new equipment, but are lookin...
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6 Equipment Leasing and Financing Tips

6 Equipment Leasing and Financing Tips Whether you decide to lease or finance your equipment, you need the funds to do it. While it’s exciting that your company needs new equipment, you might be dreading the process. What are the steps you should take? What are the equipment leasing and financing tips and tricks you need to be aware of? 1. Review Your Credit Of all the things to prepare yourself, knowing your credit profile is at the top of our equipment leasing and financing tips we can ...
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