It’s safe to say a lot of people wouldn’t hesitate to take a job that pays $300k a year. Do you want that opportunity?  This is the question that Amazon is now asking. They’re asking it to everyone! Why? To find more people to deliver their packages. From experienced truckers, to someone whose never operated heavy equipment in their life, Amazon is looking for people to take part in their own Amazon delivery service.


Amazon Delivery Service Partners

In 2017, Amazon shipped about 5 billion items to Prime members. And that’s just Prime members. That 5 billion does not even include purchases made by people without a prime membership.


Needless to say, there’s a huge demand for the company to deliver items and keep up with orders. So they’re calling on entrepreneurs to help them.


Amazon Delivery Service Partners is seeking hundreds of people to start their own delivery companies across the United States, through Amazon. Ultimately, the hope is that delivery companies will eventually hire drivers in the tens of thousands.


Amazon is promising to personally help each person interested in this entrepreneurial venture.

In their press release, they said that they would help with the starting of the business, the set-up, and the management. $10,000 is the estimated cost for starting the delivery business. Amazon also has a reserve fund of one million dollar for military veterans entering the business.


If the individually owned delivery companies are successful, Amazon predicts that each of the owners has the potential to earn anywhere from $75k to $300k.

They will offer training and allow owners to have access to their delivery technology, which has quite obviously proven itself effective. There is also the promise of discounts on vehicles, insurance, fuel, and uniforms.


What Amazon is Looking For

Amazon is trying to steer clear of relying too much on third parties to carry out their deliveries.

They’re not going to replace companies like FedEx or UPS, but need to grow the amount of people doing delivery for them, or won’t be able to keep up with their own orders.


More details are available on Amazon itself. They’re looking for “hands-on leaders” who are great coaches and self-starters. If you’re looking for a new job or a new venture, this just might be the golden ticket.

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