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Efficient healthcare is critical to our country and economy.  Providing healthcare professionals with affordable and flexible medical equipment financing is what we do, every day.

In this ever-changing healthcare environment, obtaining the most advanced medical equipment financing, at competitive terms, fast, is critical to your healthcare organization.  At TopMark Funding, we understand that maintaining your competitive edge is key and we have the most modern finance and lease solutions to keep up with your organization’s capital needs.

Program highlights:

Whether you are financing for growth or to replace older equipment to stay cutting-edge, we have the right medical equipment financing or leasing solution for you.  We are able to fund most types of essential use medical equipment for your organization and we are able to give you credit for the date you received your licensure, not just when you formed your business.

Examples of common healthcare equipment we finance:
Who we finance:

Easy Process, Medical Equipment Financing

Our process is straight-forward and simple:

1.) Apply Online | Consult with a Business Funding Advisor to learn about your business’s needs.

2.) Select a Solution | Your Business Funding Advisor will work to understand your needs and find the best solutions that meet your objectives.  Once a solution has been identified, an approval will be secured.

3.) Review Documents | Documents will be generated and emailed to you for review and signature.  Most documents can be signed electronically.

4.) Get Funded | Most Transactions fund with 24 to 48  hours of signed contract document being returned.


APPLY today and a Business Funding Advisor will contact you regarding your medical equipment financing needs.

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