Trucking Facts: What You Don’t Know

The trucking industry is worth an estimated 7 billion dollars! It’s a huge, sprawling business. Without a doubt, there are some pieces of information and trucking facts about the industry that you haven’t heard yet.


The United States is extremely dependent on the trucking industry; the truck drivers around the world keep the industry alive and well. Additionally, trucking is the lifeline for almost three-quarters of all American goods. So what are some fast facts of the trucking industry you might not know?

Without trucking, you most likely wouldn’t be wearing your shoes, the pants, or even the shirt you have on right now.  You probably wouldn’t be eating that lunch you’re looking forward to.
In short, the trucking industry carries the world around us. But, how so?



Planes, Train, and Boats, Oh My Vs the Trucking Industry

First of all, semi trucks move an overwhelming majority of freight. In America alone, 71 percent of all the tons of goods are moved by a semi truck. Trucks transfer more goods than boats, planes, and trains.



Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

 The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) control and decide the trucking laws in America. Additionally, the FMCSA has four administrators overseeing all the decisions and regulations for the trucking industry. Shockingly, none of the four administrators in charge have any direct background in the trucking industry nor were they ever truck drivers.


10.8 Billion Tons

In 2017,  10.8 billion tons of freight were moved across the country by just Semi Trucks alone. If you do the math, that’s thirty pounds of products for every single person in America. It’s a fact that American’s need trucks to deliver their goods.



Retail Revolution

Additionally, Walmart has been increasingly cutting ties with third parties, and hiring truckers internally and boosting jobs in the trucking industry. In 2018, the company hired over 1,400 drives. In 2019, that number continues to rise. It’s reported that these truckers earn about 88,000 dollars per year.



Strike That

If all truckers went on strike, we’d be in major trouble. It’s estimated that if truckers stop working, grocery stores would run out of food in three days. That post-trucking apocalypse would have a major impact on individuals living in the cities who don’t have access to farms or local produce.
Truck drivers have been discussing strikes, even recently, due to poor work conditions. If a strike were to happen, the United States would be in BIG and immediate trouble.



A Long Road Trip

On average, people in the United States drive 13,500 miles a year. Most long-haul truckers will drive upwards of 100,000 miles per year. It’s a safe bet that during a truck driver’s career, they will spend more time on the road than you will in your entire life. Now imagine all the miles traveled by all drivers in the trucking industry



More Drivers, Please

Lastly, experts who have been analyzing the trends in the trucking industry say that 900,000 more drivers need to be hired to meet the demands of the industry. Some analysts (even some truckers) insist that this number might be blown out of proportion, but one fact is certain: the industry is booming, and it’s not stopping soon. Additionally, the workforce of truck drivers is aging, retiring, and finding different careers at a higher rate than people are joining the workforce.

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