Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | TopMark Funding


How Long Does the Funding Process Take?

Most transactions are complete within 24 hours of receiving signed documents.

What Will the Interest Rate Be?

Rates vary due to many factors, including, but not limited to: your business’s strengths, your credit profile, industry, equipment type, funding type, current market trends, etc.  Rates can also fluctuate depending on market conditions.  Our extensive network of funding partners allows TopMark Funding the ability to provide the most competitive terms, rates, and payments available in the marketplace today, for many industries.   Rates start at around 4.9% to 6.9%, assuming very strong credit and a very qualified borrower.

We also provide very transparent equipment financing with a fixed monthly payment and working capital with a fixed payback amount, where the total finance charges are known upfront.  With this method of financing, you can easily determine the rate of return from the equipment finance or working capital product.


What Types of Unsecured Business Loans do you Offer?

We offer short and medium term unsecured business loans.  We also offer merchant cash advance loans and lines of credit, for qualified borrowers.

Learn more about our unsecured business loan HERE.

What are the Repayment Frequency Options?

With equipment finance we offer monthly, quarterly, and annual payments.

With unsecured business loans, daily, weekly, and monthly payment options are available.

What Should I Expect the Process to Be Like?

We have a simple 4 step process:

Step 1:  Get a no risk, no obligation quote by applying online.

Step 2:  Work with your assigned Business Funding Advisor to select a solution that meets your business’s objective best.

Step 3:  Review and sign contract documents.  In most cases, contract documents can be reviewed and signed electronically.

Step 4:  Fund your transaction.  You will be assigned a Funding Coordinator that will work with you to fund your transaction efficiently.  Most transactions are completed within 24 hours of signed documents being received.

Will This Be an Equipment Purchase or Lease?

We offer both!  TopMark Funding offers a variety of finance solutions depending on what your needs are and what you qualify for.  We offer lease financing, traditional equipment financing, working capital loans, business loans, lines of credit, and more.

Do I have to Purchase New or Used Equipment?

It is up to you —- we finance both, new or used equipment.  We also offer funding to private party sales as well as dealer or vendor sales.

I have bad credit, can you help me too?

Yes!  Our experienced Business Funding Advisers and internal underwriters take time to understand, not only your credit profile, but your industry experience, time in business, your business’s strategic advantages, and other factors that have direct impact on your business’s success.   We are able to offer very profitable solutions to challenged credit customers.

What Are the Upfront Cost?

This varies.

For equipment finance we have solutions that start with as little as one payment upfront.

Most unsecured business loans have $0 upfront/out of pocket costs.

I Have Great Credit, can you Offer Competitive Finance to my business?

Absolutely!  We work with a very extensive network of funding partners that are leaders in both the equipment finance sectors and working capital and business loan sectors.   Our Team’s 50+ year knowledge-base of business funding allows for us to offer the most cutting edge and the most competitive finance and lease solutions available.

Is TopMark Funding a direct lender?

No.  We are a financial service company and 3rd party originator.  This means, with one application, many times, we have the ability to bring to the table for you, several different solutions for you to choose from.

Being TopMark Funding is not a direct lender, isn’t this a Disadvantage to my Business?

Not at all. We have solutions that are not offered, at all, to businesses directly and other solutions where there may be no difference in costs if you were to go to the lender, directly.  Furthermore, we are able to provide free Funding Advisory to you, whether you choose to move forward with TopMark Funding or not.

What is you maximum funding amount?

We can fund $5,000 to $1 million.  We also go up to $250,000, application only for qualified applicants.

What makes TopMark Funding different than other 3rd party originators in the marketplace?

First, we want to help business grow by providing excellent finance and leasing solutions.  If we can not accomplish this, we do not want to move forward with a finance transaction.

We are great at what we do and we have the most competitive solutions available in the marketplace today. Our programs are constantly getting updated to meet the ever-changing needs of U.S. small and medium sized businesses.

Exhibiting integrity throughout our entire advisory and sales process is important to us. Transparency and honesty are also very vital to us, as we know they are vital to you and are fundamental to building solid, long-term, relationships.

Long-term relationships are valued more so over short-term objectives.  We provide free funding advisory services even when we know we may not be a fit for every customer.

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