The New Construction Technology

As the world around us changes and becomes more technologically and electronically efficient, so does the construction industry. If you’re involved in this industry, you’re well aware of how much it’s advanced in the past few decades alone. And we’re right on the cusp of even more new construction technology that’s going to bring about even greater renovation.

New Construction Equipment Technology

Augmented Reality

No, we didn’t mean virtual reality. We meant augmented reality, where you can look at the real world through the lens of a camera, but with digital imprints marked on it. When you apply this to the construction world, it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

Architects will now be able to project plans and buildings in real-time. Safety goggles can have augmented reality technology implemented in them. And people will know exactly what a site is going to look like, in the exact place it will be before they even break ground.

Technology You Can Wear

Speaking of those safety goggles you’ll be able to wear, there will be a lot more where that came from where construction technology trends are concerned. Workers will no longer have to look down at instructions or blueprints because they can access them right in front of their eyes. They will also be able to communicate via these wearable headpieces.

Fitbits, Google Glass, and armbands that can communicate with others will start to populate the construction industry. It will help increase worker safety because workers can be tracked and in constant communication to report their status.

More GPS

Where would we be without GPS? Lost, is probably where. GPS has been used in the construction industry for years, but it’s been getting applied in new and progressive ways that are changing the game.

New Construction Technology

Traditional surveying equipment is starting to become obsolete because GPS has it beat. GPS has also played a huge role in fleet management over the past few years. Site data can be quickly and efficiently taken and uploaded. And heavy construction equipment itself is getting GPS trackers in case it’s damaged or stolen.


You know drones are great for creating sick shots in movies. But they’re one of the gadgets that’s making surveying a site much more simple than its ever been in the past. An entire site can be surveyed in mere minutes with the help of drones. Before, this task could take weeks and even months. Not only does that save time, but it also saves a ton of money.

Self-Healing Concrete

Huh, concrete can heal itself? Yeah, concrete can heal itself. All concrete eventually cracks, no matter how well reinforced it is. New bio concrete uses bacteria to repair these cracks. When the cracks form, it activates bacteria capsules that have been hidden in the concrete. The bacteria then multiply, feed on calcium lactate, and create a reaction which forms calcite and heals the cracks.

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