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Looking to Offer Financing?  Are you looking to offer financing to your customers? Does your primary business activity involve selling capital equipment to businesses? Are your sales orders in excess of $5,000? If so, TopMark Funding can help!

Why Offer Financing through TopMark Funding?  Providing a commercial finance program will expand your customer base, increase order sizes and allow your customers to acquire the equipment you sell at an affordable monthly payment. Offering financing will increase your sales!  TopMark Funding is truly your one-stop-solution.  We are able to get your tough deals done while also offering very competitive terms to your better credit customers. We don’t just work with the perfect A+ Credits customers on an application only basis. We work the full credit spectrum. Unlike most lenders we can provide financing to Start-ups and severely challenged credits. We can lend on both new and used equipment. Through our structured programs we can always offer your customer a way to finance their equipment.

What to Expect?  TopMark Funding understands that securing financing can often be the final step in securing a sale. We will work with you and your sales team to understand your sales process and your product. Our commitment is to develop a financing program that fits your needs and works seamlessly within your business and sales process.  We ultimately want you to feel like we are another leg of your Team, without the overhead cost of having the extended bandwidth that we will provide.

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